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Balance with Liv To Do List

Balance with Liv To Do List


Being organised and planning ahead has helped me prioritise the things that really matter in my life, whether it’s organising a dinner with family or setting aside some much-needed quality ‘me time’.


Never underestimate the inherent power of a small change: starting your week by setting aside time to assess the things you have to do can turn your week around for the better.


Simple steps like using this Balance to-do list, or even just jotting down your upcoming meetings and deadlines in a diary, can do wonders in taking immense pressure off your mind throughout the week.


This Balance to-do list is the ultimate helper you need to plan each day with purpose.


This to-do list involves the following:

- Important points

- Date

- Sleep tracker 

- Water intake 

- Movement 

- Gratitude 

- To-do list 

- Schedule with time / task 

- Notes

- Tomorrow's tasks


This PDF document will become your best mate. Print as many times as you like!


Please note this Balance To Do List is a PDF file and will be avaliable to download once purchased. This file is not be sent to others who have not purchased. 

"Balance is not something you find, it's something you create" - Jana Kingsford

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